, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 317-322,
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Date: 09 Apr 2009

Setting the record straight: a rebuttal to an erroneous analysis on transgenic insecticidal crops and natural enemies

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As scientists involved in risk assessment of transgenic insecticidal plants, we are greatly concerned about the publication by Lövei et al. (2009) implying that insect-protected crops based on the Cry proteins of Bacillus thuringiensis may have substantial negative impacts on non-target organisms. We believe that Lövei et al. (2009) use inappropriate and unsound methods for risk assessment that have led them to reach conclusions that are in conflict with those of several recent comprehensive reviews and meta-analyses (e.g., O’Callaghan et al. 2005; Romeis et al. 2006; Marvier et al. 2007; Wolfenbarger et al. 2008; Naranjo 2009). Lövei et al. (2009) base their findings on an analysis of 55 laboratory studies of Cry proteins and 27 studies of proteinase inhibitors (PIs; including lectins) that were published through mid-2007 and conclude that these proteins “often have non-neutral effects on natural enemies”. They further conclude that “parasitoids were more susceptible than predators to ...