, Volume 20, Issue 10-11, pp 1797-1802
Date: 13 Oct 2013

High-aspect-ratio nanoporous membranes made by reactive ion etching and e-beam and interference lithography

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Nanoporous membranes engineered to mimic natural filtration systems can be used in “smart” implantable drug delivery systems, hemodialysis membranes, bio-artificial organs, and other novel nano-enabled medical devices. Conventional membranes exhibit several limitations, including broad pore size distributions and low pore densities. To overcome these problems, lithographic approaches were used to develop porous silicon, silicon nitride, ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD), and polymer film membranes. Here we report processing of high porosity, high-aspect-ratio membranes by two techniques: UNCD fabricated by reactive ion etching after e-beam lithography and epoxy fabricated by interference lithography.