, Volume 79, Issue 8, pp 927-932
Date: 04 Nov 2004

Towards wafer-scale integration of high repetition rate passively mode-locked surface-emitting semiconductor lasers

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One of the most application-relevant milestones that remain to be achieved in the field of passively mode-locked surface-emitting semiconductor lasers is the integration of the semiconductor absorber into the gain structure, enabling the realization of ultra-compact high-repetition-rate laser devices suitable for wafer-scale integration. We have recently succeeded in fabricating the key element in this concept, a quantum-dot-based saturable absorber with a very low saturation fluence, which for the first time allows stable mode locking of surface-emitting semiconductor lasers with the same mode areas on gain and absorber. Experimental results at high repetition rates of up to 30 GHz are shown.


42.55.Px; 42.60.Fc; 42.82.Gw