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Level Design

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This video shows how to create a more interesting level design from all the gameplay elements added in this series.


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  • Level Design

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Lee Stemkoski
First online
15 February 2019
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Video Transcript

Lee Stemkoski: In this video, we’ll simply take the elements we’ve already added to our game and try to use them to construct a more cohesive level.

To begin, let’s open our project from last time. For testing purposes, we’ve really just placed all the elements very close to the initial starting point of the Koala without really thinking about level flow or level design. So what we’ll do is we’ll take these elements and we’ll actually move them off the screen for now. We don’t want to delete them, will simply move them out of the way. If we have more than one copy of things, we can delete all but one copy as long as we have one copy of each object. I’m placing them in the margins for now. If you ever lose a copy of an object that you really want, you can always click in the Projects panel and drag a new copy on to the layout. All right. Putting all our different objects out here for now, at least one of each. If I have duplicates, I can delete them for now and click and just press the delete key. This way, we see what we have to work with and a blank canvas on which to express her idea for the level design.

All right. At this point you also might want to go back and now that we know what we can add to the level, I wanted to go back and unlock the Map layer. You might want to rearrange some of the elements here. So the Map layer selected, I’m gonna click on the Tilemap. And in the lower right panel, click on the tab to open up the Tilemap view. Maybe for example, I’ll erase some of these tiles. Don’t really need those in the way. Perhaps later on, I’ll put the goal flag kind of an enclosed space, so switching to the pencil tile tool and selecting one of these blocks. Maybe I’ll add some kind of a structure over here. And eventually, I’ll add some block blocks here as well. I’ll hide the flag in there. All right. I’ve made some basic changes to the Tilemap. I’m going to switch back to the normal tool selection and click to lock the Map layer and select the Main layer once again, and I’ll add some objects in here.

First, I’ll start with a Koala. Place the Koala at a starting position, giving the Koala plenty of space. Maybe I’ll start by putting some coins in this level, over this first staircase that the Koala has to get over. All right. I might also add one of the slime enemies over here. I’ll have it moving between two different blocks, so plenty of space for the character to see what’s coming. Also, I want to have you duplicate one of these and add the directional arrows here. Otherwise this fine would pass right through the blocks. You might notice it. Sometimes one object goes in front of the other object. Objects added later appear in front of other objects. To change that, you can always right click on an object. In the pop-up menu, choose the order and send to top or bottom of layer. Personally, I prefer that the red arrows appear on top of other objects.

All right. You’ve moved that over. Let’s see. I want to move some lock blocks and the flag over here. Actually going to hold down the control key and use the mouse wheel to zoom out a bit so I can see more of my overall level. All right. So the player can kind of see that this is an interesting item, which must be the goal locked within this platform. Maybe we’ll add a springboard over here to help the player get up and above this level.

Now let’s add another structure down here as well. Maybe I’ll build this one out of breakable bricks and I’ll put some coins up there to entice the player. I’ll duplicate some more bricks as well. Now I need to add the key to the levels, so the player can actually get into that goal area. Maybe I’ll put the key up high. They may actually even use a platform over here as well. And I’ll guard that by maybe a couple of flies. So I’ll actually duplicate this and also, we need some boundaries for the flies as well. So the MoveLeft and MoveRight sprites. Let’s see. I’ll also put, I haven’t put a clock anywhere yet. Maybe I’ll put the clock up here.

I definitely want to put some hearts over here as well. There’s a good chance to play or might take some damage as they’re coming up here. So I had some hearts and another copy of the springboard so hopefully, the player can jump on top of that. I think I’ve added all of the elements. I haven’t added any spikes yet. See where can I put the spikes? Maybe I’ll put some over here to warn the player to go no further. All right. This looks much more fun. More well-spaced out. Let’s save our project and give this level of try. We’ll see how it looks.

All right. Collecting some coins, that little slime there and player’s safe in this position. Oh, your coin. Let’s see. Can’t get into that door yet. Collected a coin when I see some coins. I know those are good things. Can jump and collect some more coins. All right. I’m not sure if it’s possible to time this. All right. To get some more health, destroy those flies and I’ll head back. Oops. I don’t want to bounce right now. Wanting to go reach that goal flag. There you have it. A much more interesting level design. Of course, your final level design is up to you. Now’s your chance to be creative and arrange these elements into a challenging but fun level for your players to attempt.