Emerging Paradigms of Leadership A Critical Insight into Developing Theories

  • Christian Harrison

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Providing an introductory overview of leadership, this video emphasizes cutting-edge and emerging theories, approaches and concepts of this fast-evolving field. The video demonstrates a radical shift from traditional thinking and explores the importance of authenticity, inclusivity and gender in leadership. It examines hot topics such as servant leadership, distributed leadership, and entrepreneurial leadership, with the aim of providing a nuanced conceptualization of the topic.

What You Will Learn

  • How the perception of what a successful leader is has shifted in recent times

  • The role of gender diversity and how it has informed leadership theory and practice

  • The importance of collective leadership to the success of an organization

Who This Video is For

Undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students in business and management courses and those who are new to leadership and need a comprehensive overview and introduction. This video is ideal for anyone who is looking for a starting point from which to develop their leadership abilities.

This video provides an introductory overview of leadership, emphasizing cutting-edge and emerging theories, approaches and concepts in a fast-evolving field. This video explores the importance of authenticity, inclusivity and gender in leadership.

About The Author

Christian Harrison

Dr. Christian Harrison is Lecturer in Management, Strategy and Leadership at the School of Business and Enterprise at the University of the West of Scotland, UK, where he is the programme leader of the MSc Leadership and Management.

A well-known scholar in the field of leadership, Dr. Harrison works across the globe on research projects. He also works extensively as a consultant, speaker, and trainer on leadership skills development within organizations. He is the founder of The Leadership Mould Initiative International, an NGO which supports students and moulds future leaders. He is the author of Leadership Theory and Research: A Critical Approach to New and Existing Paradigms (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).


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Video Transcript


Hello, I’m Dr. Christian Harrison. I’m a leadership coach, expert, and scholar. I am an academic in a world-renowned university in the United Kingdom, and I’ve written several papers on leadership. I recently wrote a book on leadership titled Leadership Theory and Research– a Critical Approach to New and Existing Paradigms.

In this video, titled “Emerging Paradigms on Leadership– a Critical Insight into Developing Theories,” we’ll be looking at those developing theories on leadership. We’ll be looking at servant leadership, where people have said, we need leaders that are servants. We need leaders that are not selfish. We’ll also be looking at distributed leadership. The focus of this type of leadership is that leadership should be distributed. Leadership should be about delegation.

We’ll be going beyond that. We’ll also be looking at authentic leadership. Who are authentic leaders? Why do we need authentic leaders in today’s world? I’ll also be looking at entrepreneurial leadership. Lot of people are calling for people that are entrepreneurial. In today’s world, we need leaders that can think entrepreneurially. And finally, we’ll be looking at gender and leadership. How important is the gender balance to leadership? We’ll be looking at all that within the course of this video. So let’s get started.