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Fucosylation is defined as an attachment of fucose residue to N- or O-glycans on glycoproteins as well as glycolipids. In many types of glycosylation, fucosylation is one of the most important glycosylation involved in cancer and inflammation. Fucosylation is regulated by a set of fucosyltransferases, their donor substrate GDP-fucose, and GDP-fucose transporter, which transfer GDP-fucose from cytosol to Golgi apparatus. While fucosylation levels are increased in most cancers, complete loss of fucosylation is observed in specific cases of cancer cell lines as well as cancer tissue. Cancer cells with loss of fucosylation showed more aggressive phenotypes in terms of an escape from tumor immune surveillance and tumor metastasis.


Finding of Fucosylation-Deficient Cancer Cell Lines

GDP-fucose is synthesized in cytosol via de novo and salvage pathways. In the de novo pathway, which plays a major role in the GDP-fucose synthesis of many cells,...


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