Fundamentals of Polymers and Polymer Composite

  • Alok Chaurasia
  • Nanda Gopal SahooEmail author
  • Mian Wang
  • Chaobin He
  • Vishal Tukaram Mogal
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This book chapter is about fundamentals of polymers which emphasize characteristics and applications of polymer and polymer composite, in addition to current progress and future research scope for this class of materials and their applications. The general concepts that are readily used in the field of polymer and polymer composite are discussed. This book chapter can provide basic understanding on polymer and polymer composite for newcomers. Then, the physical and mechanical properties of polymer and polymer-composites are described. Discussions on reinforced polymer composite highlighting on fabrication and characterization of polymer composite are provided, and particular importance is placed on the use. Discussions on the various nanofillers in polymer composites and their modification using various techniques have been focused on in this book chapter.


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