Human Genetics

ISSN: 0340-6717 (Print) 1432-1203 (Online)

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Canine Genetics

Lisa G Shaffer

13 Articles

Companion Animal Genetics

Lisa G Shaffer

4 Articles

Computational Molecular Medicine

Rachel Karchin, Melissa S. Cline

6 Articles

Ethics in Genetics

Angus Clarke and Katherine Burke

1 Article

Exome Sequencing

Chee-Seng Ku and Fowzan S. Alkuraya

8 Articles

Eye Genetics

Nicola Ragge, Nicolas Chassaing and Patrick Calvas

21 Articles

Feto-Maternal Genomic Medicine

Louise Wilkins-Haug and Kathryn Gray

8 Articles

Genetic epidemiology of complex diseases

Amke Caliebe and Michael Nothnagel

12 Articles

Genome Editing

Zheng-Yi Chen and Pablo Pinera Perez

12 Articles

Genomic Data Sharing

Bartha Maria Knoppers and Yann Joly

13 Articles

Human genetics of infectious diseases

Laurent Abel and Jean-Laurent Casanova

30 Articles

Molecular Genetics of Aging and Longevity

Bérénice A. Benayoun and Reiner A. Veitia

10 Articles


George P. Patrinos and Alan R. Shuldiner

1 Article

RNA Processing

19 Articles


Yali Xue and Chris Tyler-Smith

13 Articles