International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure

The Official Journal of RC13 (Sociology of Leisure) of the ISA

ISSN: 2520-8683 (Print) 2520-8691 (Online)


This journal publishes high-quality papers on the sociology of leisure that have a global interest, promote the development of this mature field within international sociology, and go beyond the traditional geographical areas of leisure studies. The journal provides a platform for research and theory, reflects vigorous developments in the field, and functions as an intellectual, inter-disciplinary hub for sociologists working on leisure studies and for leisure scholars working in sociology. It approaches a fresh sociology that simultaneously recognizes roots in the canons of formal western sociology deployed on the field of traditionally conceived approaches to leisure phenomena, and opens up spaces and debates for encountering and accommodating Eastern and Southern frames of reference.


Firmly placed at the crossroads of leisure studies and sociology, the sociology of leisure is about the social institution of leisure and its activities, the latter being pursued in free time or time away from disagreeable obligations. It centres on the interpersonal relations of the joy humans have in living and the structural constraints and opportunities there. Free time, play, fun and life-structuring are among the diverse substances of analyses conducted by scholars located in their own and global cultures.



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