Robotics and Biomimetics

ISSN: 2197-3768 (Online)


Robotics and Biomimetics is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand. It provides a platform for scholars to publish first-class original research work on robotics and biomimetics. Robotics, traditionally an interdisciplinary area of engineering disciplines, has been growing rapidly since the 1970s. In recent years, biological science has brought new breakthroughs in robotic science and technology. Interactions between robotics and biology involve two aspects. On the one hand, biomimetics, which is robotic engineering inspired by biology, concerns how to apply biological ideas and phenomena to robotics problems. This area includes topics such as design of new robots or mechanisms that mimic creatures, invention of new types of sensors that function similarly to biological sensing systems, development of control algorithms that perform as well as biological sensory-motor control scheme does, and design of new actuators that function as muscles, etc. On the other hand, applying robotic technology to biology is significantly contributing to new understanding of biological systems and their behaviors. The topics in this area include robotic modeling of biological systems, simulation of biological behaviors, and understanding of biological recognition and motor functions etc.

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