Angiographic endpoints in progression trials

  • A. V. G. Bruschke
  • J. W. Jukema
  • A. J. Van Boven
  • E. T. Bal
  • J. H. C. Reiber
  • A. H. Zwinderman
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 180)


The use of different angiographic criteria represents one of the reasons why the results of angiographic trials are difficult to compare. In principle, this is an avoidable problem and therefore a serious attempt at standardization should be made. This chapter reviews the criteria which have been used in trials using quantitative coronary angiography and presents a proposal for standardization.


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  • J. W. Jukema
  • A. J. Van Boven
  • E. T. Bal
  • J. H. C. Reiber
  • A. H. Zwinderman

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