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Automated generation of adapter plates for industrial robots

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The current market offers a wide range of different robots and end effectors from a variety of manufacturers and in different versions, where the mechanical compatibility between the components has to be ensured. A large part of the flange patterns of the end effectors offered are not designed to conform to standards, which is one of the reasons why adapter plates must be used to ensure compatibility. Particularly in the early phases of engineering, the weight of the adapter plate and the extension of accessibility can be taken into account in the robot configuration when generating an adapter plate. In order to enable the generation of an adapter plate as early as possible, automated generation offers a great advantage and can contribute to the reduction of engineering effort and thus to time savings and cost reduction. This paper describes a general design rule for the generation of adapter plates and, on this basis, implements the generation of CAD geometries of the adapter plates using Constructive Solid Geometry. The results of this paper are the starting point for the implementation of a web service, which will be integrated into the ROBOTOP project.


  • Flange patterns
  • construction instruction
  • Constructive Solid Geometry


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