6th International Workshop on Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics (LENLS 6)

  • Daisuke Bekki
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6284)


The annual international workshop LENLS (Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics) covers topics in formal linguistics and related fields, such as theoretical computer science, mathematical logic and formal philosophy, and includes the following:

  • \(\maltese\) Dynamic syntax/semantics/pragmatics of natural language

  • \(\maltese\) Categorical/topological/coalgebraic approaches to natural language syntax/ semantics/pragmatics

  • \(\maltese\) Logic and its relation to natural language and linguistic reasoning (especially dynamic logics)

  • \(\maltese\) Type-theoretic approaches to natural language

  • \(\maltese\) Formal philosophy of language

  • \(\maltese\) Formal pragmatics (especially game- and utility-theoretic approaches)

  • \(\maltese\) Substructural expansion of Lambek Lambda Calculi

  • \(\maltese\) Many-valued/Fuzzy and other non-classical logics and natural language

Formal linguistics is intrinsically an interdisciplinary field. Indeed, most of the formalisms which have been adopted in formal linguistics have their origin in the field of theoretical computer science, and in programming semantics especially.


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