Transition Metal Complexes Stabilized by Bulky Terphenyl Ligands: Application to Metal–Metal Bonded Compounds

  • Chengbao Ni
  • Philip P. PowerEmail author
Part of the Structure and Bonding book series (STRUCTURE, volume 136)


A wide variety of monodentate, sterically encumbering ligands have been used to stabilize low coordination numbers in both main group and transition element compounds [1]. In recent years, the very crowded m-terphenyls have emerged as a particularly effective class of bulky ligand for the stabilization of numerous main group element compounds with unusual bonding and electron configurations [2, 3]. These include, for example, the first compounds with formal triple bonds between group 13 [4, 5] and group 14 metals [6, 7], as well as a stable crystalline heavier main group radical species [8]. In contrast, transition metal terphenyl derivatives have received less attention and most of the work has been performed within the last 5 years. This account focuses on these recently discovered transition metal species.


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The authors are grateful to the National Science Foundation for financial support. In addition, we thank the many talented and dedicated coworkers who are named in the references for their crucial role in advancing the chemistry described in this review.


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