Epilogue: What Major Paradigm in Immunology Comes Next?

  • Walter Gottlieb Land


In the Epilogue of Part I, the history of the term immunity and some aspects of the three major paradigms in immunology are resumed, decorated with a few reflections, and insinuated in relation to the history of other discoveries in medicine in general. In particular, the growing notion is discussed that the discovery of DAMP-promoted innate/adaptive immune events has not only led to a change of view in immunology but is going to lead to a complete rethinking in the whole field of medicine concerning new assessment of the pathogenesis of many human diseases as well as development of innovative diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic modalities.

The emergence of such a scenario is supported by the rapid international diffusion of new data from basic research as provided by the Internet in general and electronic libraries such as PubMed in particular. These novel creations and achievements will undoubtedly contribute to the rapid progress of research in the field of DAMP-promoted innate immune responses encountered in all medical disciplines. The period is supposed to last until the next major paradigm in immunology will appear on the horizon. But when will it come and what will it be?

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