Observations of Internal Tides in the Atlantic Ocean

  • Eugene G. MorozovEmail author


This chapter describes the measurements of internal tides in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea together with modeling of the generation and propagation of internal tides in some important regions of the Atlantic Ocean. The generation of internal tides is associated with the interaction of the currents of the barotropic tide with the slopes of the bottom topography. One of the most important ideas presented here is the strong generation of internal tides over submarine ridges. The generation and propagation of internal tides in the Strait of Gibraltar where the strongest internal tides on the globe exist are described. The generation of internal tides over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the South Atlantic is demonstrated on the basis of measurements in several regions near the ridge. The measurements reveal strong internal tides in Biscay Bay. Weaker internal tides are found in the Sargasso Sea. Measurements of internal tides on mooring clusters confirm the well known fact that internal tides are generated over the bottom slopes.


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