Gene Annotation and Database of the Radish

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The genome sequences of Raphanus sativus var. hortensis were determined for the Japanese cultivars ‘Aokubi S-h’ (Kitashiba et al. in DNA Res 21:481–490, 2014), ‘Aokubi doubled haploid (DH)’ (Mitsui et al. in Sci Rep 5:10835, 2015), and the Korean cultivar ‘WK10039’ (Jeong et al. in Theor Appl Genet 129:1357–1372, 2016). After the genome sequencing, gene annotations, such as gene finding, domain searches, and similarity searches against several databases, were conducted. The genomic information obtained by these analyses was then released from a database. In this section, the gene annotation methods conducted in each of the three genome sequencing projects is described. In addition, several databases related to the genome sequencing, EST sequencing, and DNA markers in radish are introduced.


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