Non-extremal Black Holes from the Generalised R-map

  • Thomas MohauptEmail author
  • Owen Vaughan
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 144)


We review the timelike dimensional reduction of a class of five-dimensional theories that generalises \(5D,\;\mathcal{{N}} = 2\) supergravity coupled to vector multiplets. As an application we construct instanton solutions to the four-dimensional Euclidean theory, and investigate the criteria for solutions to lift to static non-extremal black holes in five dimensions. We focus specifically on two classes of models: STU-like models, and models with a block diagonal target space metric. For STU-like models the second order equations of motion of the four-dimensional theory can be solved explicitly, and we obtain the general solution. For block diagonal models we find a restricted class of solutions, where the number of independent scalar fields depends on the number of blocks. When lifting these solutions to five dimensions we show, by explicit calculation, that one obtains static non-extremal black holes with scalar fields that take finite values on the horizon only if the number of integration constants reduces by exactly half.


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The work of T.M. is supported in part by STFC grant ST/G00062X/1. The work of O.V. is supported by an STFC studentship and DAAD.


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