Ultrastructural Studies of Peptide Coexistence in Corticotropin-Releasing Factor- and Arginine-Vasopressin-Containing Neurons

  • Mark H. Whitnall
  • Harold Gainer
Part of the GWUMC Department of Biochemistry Annual Spring Symposia book series (GWUN)


It has become clear over the last several years that the coexistence of more than one transmitter in the same neuron is a widespread phenomenon in the nervous system, yet the physiological implications of this coexistence are only beginning to be understood (Hökfelt et al., 1984). A complete description of the roles of coexisting neurotransmitters should include (1) knowledge of the locations, actions, and dose-response curves of the receptors for the multiple transmitters, (2) analysis of the quantity and kinetics of release of the transmitters, and (3) determination of whether the release of multiple transmitters in the same cell can be independently regulated. An important determinant of the regulation of release of transmitters is their intracellular packaging. If different transmitters are localized in different populations of secretory vesicles in the same nerve ending, then the possibility of separate regulation of their release exists. However, if different transmitters are packaged in the same secretory vesicles, then independent regulation of their release by the nerve ending is unlikely.


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