Genetic Engineering of Seed Storage Proteins

  • Brian A. Larkins
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 26)


A list of traits that would be valuable to genetically engineer in plants would include characteristics of disease and herbicide resistance, enhanced photosynthetic capacity, the ability to fix nitrogen, drought tolerance, and increased protein nutritional quality. While it would be a tremendous achievement to incorporate all of these into a major crop species, the ability to isolate a gene or genes responsible for even one of them and transfer it from one plant to another by a non-sexual process would be a highly significant accomplishment. Unfortunately, we presently know so little about the biochemical and physiological processes involved in these responses or processes that it is difficult or impossible to identify such genes. In view of the progress being made in gene isolation and characterization, we may be able to genetically engineer plants before we have identified which genes are responsible for the traits we wish to modify.


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