Residual Activity Limits for Decommissioning

  • Enrico F. Conti


The Plan for the Reevaluation of NRC Policy on Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities, NUREG-04361, identified the need for specifying acceptable criteria for residual radioactivity following decommissioning for both surface and volumetric facility component contamination and for residual radioactivity in soil. The plan also identified the need for an NRC staff report on specific criteria for residual radioactivity levels following decommissioning. This paper presents the approach and considerations of an NRC staff technical task group, with particular focus on reactor decommissioning. These considerations have not been completed and have not been reviewed by the NRC. A technical report on residual activity limits for decommissioning various facilities operated under NRC license as well as a Regulatory Guide on this subject are scheduled to be issued by calendar year 1980.


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