Decontamination and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

  • Marilyn M. Osterhout

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Decontamination the Utility Viewpoint

    1. W. P. Worden
      Pages 1-2
  3. A Review of Recent D & D Program Activities in the International Community

  4. NRC’S View of Decontamination and Decommissioning

  5. Department of Energy Programs for Decontamination and Decommissioning

  6. Decommissioning Standards

    1. W. N. Crofford
      Pages 17-23
  7. A State’s Perspective

    1. David M. Boonin
      Pages 25-31
  8. Power Plant Decontamination (Part I)

    1. John F. Remark, Alan D. Miller
      Pages 33-45
    2. R. Riess, H. O. Bertholdt
      Pages 47-64
    3. A. B. Johnson Jr., B. Griggs, R. L. Dillon, R. A. Shaw
      Pages 65-80
    4. W. B. Stewart, T. S. Drolet
      Pages 81-91
    5. C. S. Lacy, B. Montford
      Pages 93-105
  9. Decontamination and Decommissioning of Fuel Cycle and Research Facilities (Part I)

    1. E. S. Murphy, G. M. Holter
      Pages 145-159
    2. R. L. Olsen, J. A. Hayden, C. E. Alford, R. L. Kochen, J. R. Stevens
      Pages 161-172
    3. O. D. Simpson, J. A. Chapin, R. E. Hine, J. W. Mandler, M. P. Orme, G. A. Soli
      Pages 173-186
    4. Jeanette Eng, Donald W. Hendricks, Paul A. Giardina, Joyce Feldman
      Pages 187-200
    5. C. L. Folkers, S. G. Homann, A. S. Nicolosi, S. L. Hanel, W. C. King
      Pages 201-214
    6. J. P. Bacca, R. L. Brookshier, J. C. Courtney, K. R. Ferguson, M. F. Huebner, J. P. Madison
      Pages 215-231
    7. J. H. Opelka, M. J. Kikta, G. J. Marmer, R. L. Mundis, J. M. Peterson, B. Siskind
      Pages 233-247
  10. Power Plant Decontamination (Part II)

    1. W. S. Lange, T. L. Snyder
      Pages 259-268
    2. David E. Harmer, Jerry L. White
      Pages 269-280
    3. Shiro Sasaki, Hiroaki Koyama, Jiro Kani, Tadao Yoshida
      Pages 293-303
    4. L. D. Anstine, J. C. Blomgren, P. J. Pettit
      Pages 305-315
    5. Jan Arvesen, Hans-Peter Hermansson, Ramond Gustafsson
      Pages 317-328
  11. Power Reactor Decommissioning (Part I)

  12. Power Reactor Decommissioning (Part II)

    1. Enrico F. Conti
      Pages 411-420
    2. B. F. Ureda, G. W. Meyers
      Pages 421-426
    3. Thomas S. Laguardia
      Pages 427-441
    4. R. G. Brengle, E. L. Babcock
      Pages 443-449
    5. R. G. Brengle
      Pages 451-455
    6. Charles A. Negin, Lessly A. Goudarzi, Larry D. Kenworthy, Mel E. Lapides
      Pages 471-484
  13. Decontamination and Decommissioning of Fuel Cycle and Research Facilities (Part II)

About this book


This vOlume contains the invited and contributed papers pre­ sented at the American Nuclear Society (ANS) meeting on Decontamina­ tion and Decommissioning (D & D) of Nuclear Facilities, held Septem­ ber 16-20, 1979, in Sun Valley, Idaho. This was the first U. S. meeting of the ANS which addressed both of these important and related subjects. The meeting was attended by more than 400 engineers, scientists, laymen, and representatives of federal, state, and local governments, including participants from eleven foreign countries. The technical sessions included several sessions concentrating on ongoing D & D programs in the U. S. and abroad. In addition, "new ground" was broken in such areas as decommissioning costs and cost recovery, advanced programs on reactor coolant filtration, and other areas of continuing and increasing importance to the nuclear industry and to consumers. The dual sponsorship of the meeting (The ANS Reactor Operations Division and the Eastern Idaho Section of the ANS) helped spur a high quality program, a pleasant location, and a high degree of suc­ cess in technical interchange between the attendees. As guest speaker, we were honored to have Mr. Vince Boyer of Philadelphia Electric Company. Mr. Boyer is both a past chairman of the ANS Reactor Operations Division and a past president of the American Nuclear Society. His views on the nuclear industry and of its current status were informative and interesting.


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