Excretion of Chloride and Bicarbonate; Ammonium in Urine

  • W. J. O’Connor


Cl and HCO3 are considered together because acute experiments by which their plasma concentrations are altered often involve reciprocal changes in plasma Cl and plasma HCO3. Administration of NaHCO3 produces increase in plasma HCO3 and fall in Cl; infusion of HCl, or more conveniently ingestion of NH4Cl, causes increase in plasma Cl accompanied by fall in plasma HCO3. Cl- and HCO3- in urine are often linked; where there is increased excretion of Na+ or K+, the increased excretion of cation is accompanied by Cl- and HCO3-, the sum of these ions being determined by the increased excretion of cation.


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