Pulse-Height Selection; Energy-Dispersive Analysis; Nondispersive Analysis

  • Eugene P. Bertin


Before continuing, it is necessary to distinguish pulse-height selection and analysis. Pulse-height selection (PHS) is the separation of one or a very few pulse distributions from the analyte pulse distribution and is usually used in conjunction with a crystal spectrometer. Pulse-height analysis (PHA) is the separation of all the pulse distributions in the entire x-ray energy spectrum emitted by the specimen so that each can be measured individually. It is the most widely used method of energy-dispersive analysis. The distinction drawn in this book between energy-dispersive and non-dispersive methods of x-ray spectrometric analysis is discussed in Section 5.1. In terms of the definitions given above and in Section 5.1, pulse-height selection, pulse-height analysis or energy-dispersive analysis, and nondispersive analysis are discussed in Sections 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3, respectively. The general principles of pulse-height selection are given in Section 8.1, but apply also to Section 8.2.


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