Management of Non-cardiac Co-morbidities in Chronic Heart Failure

  • Chim C. Lang
  • Donna M. Mancini


The number of heart failure patients with multiple other problems is on the rise and presents a daily challenge for integrating the different medications and approaches to treatments. Common co-morbidities include respiratory disease, renal dysfunction, anaemia, arthritis, cognitive dysfunction and depression. These conditions contribute to the progression of the disease and may alter the response to treatment, partly since polypharmacy is inevitable in these patients. Cardiologists and other physicians caring for patients with chronic heart failure (CHF) need to be vigilant to co-morbid conditions that may complicate the care of these patients. Future trials should focus on optimal strategies for the comprehensive management of elderly patients with CHF with multiple co-morbidities, rather than the isolated effects of single drugs in younger patients with few or no co-morbidities.


Heart failure Co-morbidities Anemia Sleep disordered breathing Renal failure 



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