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Since the development of hybridoma technology (Köhler and Milstein, 1975), monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) produced by the technique of somatic cell hybridization have been widely used in plant virology for diagnostics (e.g. Halk et al., 1982; Hsu et al., 1983; Jordan and Hammond, 1991; D’Arcy et al., 1989; Massalski and Harrison, 1987; Erokhina et al., 1993; Erokhina, 1995), antigenic analysis, and epitope mapping (e.g. Andreeva et al., 1994; Commandeur et al., 1992; Koenig et al., 1990; van den Heuvel et al., 1990; Erokhina et al., 2001; Gorshkova et al., 2003) or subcellular localization of viruses and viral proteins (e.g. Lesemann et al., 1990; Bandla et al., 1994; MacKenzie and Tremaine, 1988; Liu et al., 1999; Erokhina et al., 2001; Yelina et al., 2005).


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