March, 2009

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Sunday, March 1

In 1966, Venera 3 became the first craft to touch another planet when it impacted Venus on this date. Although communications failed before it could transmit data, it was still a milestone achievement. If you’re out at sunset, be sure to have a look at Venus and say Spaseba! In 2003, another Deep-Sky CompanionSee O'Meara, Stephen book by notable observer and author Stephen O’Meara premiered. Known for his high-quality sketches of Solar System objects and uncanny observing skills, O’Meara was the first to sight Comet Halley in 1985, and sketch the dark spokes in Saturn’s rings (before Voyager had imaged them). Still part of the editorial staff at Sky & Telescope, and a treasured lecturer, let’s take just a moment to congratulate Steve on a lifetime of achievement.

Let’s practice Steve’s powers of observation by identifying some prominent lunar craters around Mare Crisium . North you’ll spy Cleomides and at the western edge, Proclus. Near the terminator northwest is...


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