A Survivable Distributed Sensor Networks Through Stochastic Models

  • Dong Seong Kim
  • Jong Sou Park
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The previous security architectures and mechanisms for distributed sensor networks only focus on confidentiality, integrity and authentication. The distributed sensor networks should have the ability to provide essential services in the presence of attacks and failures, and recover full services in a timely manner. In this paper, we present stochastic models for survivable distributed sensor networks. We define states of cluster based sensor networks and analyze the distributed sensor networks using stochastic models in mathematical manner. The evaluation results with the proof of concept scenario show our approach has a feasibility to design survivable distributed sensor networks.


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  • Dong Seong Kim
    • 1
  • Jong Sou Park
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  1. 1.Network Security Lab.Hankuk Aviation UniversitySeoulKorea

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