Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Mamoru Nomura, Hidetaka Tobita, Kiyoshi Suzuki
    Pages 1-128
  3. F. Joseph Schork, Yingwu Luo, Wilfred Smulders, James P. Russum, Alessandro Butté, Kevin Fontenot
    Pages 129-255
  4. Chow Pei Yong, Leong Ming Gan
    Pages 257-298
  5. Seigou Kawaguchi, Koichi Ito
    Pages 299-328
  6. Karen A. Kennedy, George W. Roberts, Joseph M. DeSimone
    Pages 329-346
  7. Back Matter

About this book


In this special volume on polymer particles, recent trends and developments in the synthesis of nano- to micron-sized polymer particles by radical polymerization (Emulsion, Miniemulsion, Microemulsion, and Dispersion Polymerizations) of vinyl monomers in environmentally friendly heterogeneous aqueous and supercritical carbon dioxide fluid media are reviewed by prominent worldwide researchers. In addition to the important challenges and possibilities with regards to design and preparation of functionalized polymer particles of controlled size, the topics described are of great current interest due to the increased awareness of environmental issues.


Monomer Polymer Emulsions Polymer Particles Polymers dispersion polymer polymerization

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