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Advances in Discrete Differential Geometry


ISBN: 978-3-662-50446-8 (Print) 978-3-662-50447-5 (Online)

Table of contents (14 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-x

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-56

    Discrete Conformal Maps: Boundary Value Problems, Circle Domains, Fuchsian and Schottky Uniformization

  3. Chapter

    Pages 57-132

    Discrete Complex Analysis on Planar Quad-Graphs

  4. Chapter

    Pages 133-149

    Approximation of Conformal Mappings Using Conformally Equivalent Triangular Lattices

  5. Chapter

    Pages 151-176

    Numerical Methods for the Discrete Map \(Z^a\)

  6. Chapter

    Pages 177-195

    A Variational Principle for Cyclic Polygons with Prescribed Edge Lengths

  7. Chapter

    Pages 197-239

    Complex Line Bundles Over Simplicial Complexes and Their Applications

  8. Chapter

    Pages 241-265

    Holomorphic Vector Fields and Quadratic Differentials on Planar Triangular Meshes

  9. Chapter

    Pages 267-286

    Vertex Normals and Face Curvatures of Triangle Meshes

  10. Chapter

    Pages 287-308

    S-Conical CMC Surfaces. Towards a Unified Theory of Discrete Surfaces with Constant Mean Curvature

  11. Chapter

    Pages 309-345

    Constructing Solutions to the Björling Problem for Isothermic Surfaces by Structure Preserving Discretization

  12. Chapter

    Pages 347-378

    On the Lagrangian Structure of Integrable Hierarchies

  13. Chapter

    Pages 379-405

    On the Variational Interpretation of the Discrete KP Equation

  14. Chapter

    Pages 407-419

    Six Topics on Inscribable Polytopes

  15. Chapter

    Pages 421-439

    DGD Gallery: Storage, Sharing, and Publication of Digital Research Data