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The Future Internet

Future Internet Assembly 2012: From Promises to Reality

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  • Up-to-date results from the EU Framework Programme 7

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  • Includes supplementary material:

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 7281)

Part of the book sub series: Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI (LNISA)

Conference series link(s): FIA: The Future Internet Assembly

Conference proceedings info: FIA 2012.

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Table of contents (21 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Invited Introduction Paper

    1. Introduction: The FIA Research Roadmap, Priorities for Future Internet Research

      • Nick Wainwright, Nick Papanikolaou
      Pages 1-5Open Access
  3. Foundations

    1. A Tussle Analysis for Information-Centric Networking Architectures

      • Alexandros Kostopoulos, Ioanna Papafili, Costas Kalogiros, Tapio Levä, Nan Zhang, Dirk Trossen
      Pages 6-17Open Access
    2. A Systematic Approach for Closing the Research to Standardization Gap

      • Bernard Sales, Emmanuel Darmois, Dimitri Papadimitriou, Didier Bourse
      Pages 18-29Open Access
    3. SOCIETIES: Where Pervasive Meets Social

      • Kevin Doolin, Ioanna Roussaki, Mark Roddy, Nikos Kalatzis, Elizabeth Papadopoulou, Nick Taylor et al.
      Pages 30-41Open Access
    4. Cross-Disciplinary Lessons for the Future Internet

      • Anne-Marie Oostveen, Isis Hjorth, Brian Pickering, Michael Boniface, Eric T. Meyer, Cristobal Cobo et al.
      Pages 42-54Open Access
    5. Design Principles for the Future Internet Architecture

      • Dimitri Papadimitriou, Theodore Zahariadis, Pedro Martinez-Julia, Ioanna Papafili, Vito Morreale, Francesco Torelli et al.
      Pages 55-67Open Access
    6. From Internet Architecture Research to Standards

      • Dimitri Papadimitriou, Bernard Sales, Piet Demeester, Theodore Zahariadis
      Pages 68-80Open Access
    7. An Integrated Development and Runtime Environment for the Future Internet

      • Amira Ben Hamida, Fabio Kon, Gustavo Ansaldi Oliva, Carlos Eduardo Moreira Dos Santos, Jean-Pierre Lorré, Marco Autili et al.
      Pages 81-92Open Access
    8. Visual Analytics: Towards Intelligent Interactive Internet and Security Solutions

      • James Davey, Florian Mansmann, Jörn Kohlhammer, Daniel Keim
      Pages 93-104Open Access
  4. Applications

    1. Towards a Trustworthy Service Marketplace for the Future Internet

      • Francesco Di Cerbo, Michele Bezzi, Samuel Paul Kaluvuri, Antonino Sabetta, Slim Trabelsi, Volkmar Lotz
      Pages 105-116Open Access
    2. Using Future Internet Infrastructure and Smartphones for Mobility Trace Acquisition and Social Interactions Monitoring

      • Athanasios Antoniou, Evangelos Theodoridis, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Georgios Mylonas
      Pages 117-129Open Access
    3. I-SEARCH: A Unified Framework for Multimodal Search and Retrieval

      • Apostolos Axenopoulos, Petros Daras, Sotiris Malassiotis, Vincenzo Croce, Marilena Lazzaro, Jonas Etzold et al.
      Pages 130-141Open Access
    4. Semantically Enriched Services to Understand the Need of Entities

      • Flávio de Oliveira Silva, Alex Dias, Caio César Ferreira, Eduardo De Souza Santos, Fabíola Souza Fernandes Pereira, Isabelle Cecília de Andrade et al.
      Pages 142-153Open Access
    5. Supporting Content, Context and User Awareness in Future Internet Applications

      • Paweł Świątek, Krzysztof Juszczyszyn, Krzysztof Brzostowski, Jarosław Drapała, Adam Grzech
      Pages 154-165Open Access
  5. Smart Cities

    1. Towards a Narrative-Aware Design Framework for Smart Urban Environments

      • Lara Srivastava, Athena Vakali
      Pages 166-177Open Access
    2. Urban Planning and Smart Cities: Interrelations and Reciprocities

      • Leonidas G. Anthopoulos, Athena Vakali
      Pages 178-189Open Access
    3. The Safety Transformation in the Future Internet Domain

      • Roberto Gimenez, Diego Fuentes, Emilio Martin, Diego Gimenez, Judith Pertejo, Sofia Tsekeridou et al.
      Pages 190-200Open Access
  6. Infrastructures

    1. NOVI Tools and Algorithms for Federating Virtualized Infrastructures

      • Leonidas Lymberopoulos, Mary Grammatikou, Martin Potts, Paola Grosso, Attila Fekete, Bartosz Belter et al.
      Pages 213-224Open Access

Other Volumes

  1. The Future Internet

About this book

Irrespective of whether we use economic or societal metrics, the Internet is one of the most important technical infrastructures in existence today. It will serve as a catalyst for much of our innovation and prosperity in the future. A competitive Europe will require Internet connectivity and services beyond the capabilities offered by current technologies. Future Internet research is therefore a must. The Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is a successful and unique bi-annual conference that brings together participants of over 150 projects from several distinct but interrelated areas in the EU Framework Programme 7. The 20 full papers included in this volume were selected from 40 submissions, and are preceded by a vision paper describing the FIA Roadmap. The papers have been organized into topical sections on the foundations of Future Internet, the applications of Future Internet, Smart Cities, and Future Internet infrastructures.

Editors and Affiliations

  • ETS Ingenieros de Telecomunicación, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

    Federico Álvarez

  • WIT-TSSG, Ireland

    Frances Cleary

  • Informatics and Telematics Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Thessaloniki, Greece

    Petros Daras

  • Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

    John Domingue

  • Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London, London, UK

    Alex Galis

  • ENoLL, Brussels, Belgium

    Ana Garcia

  • Eurescom GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

    Anastasius Gavras

  • SAP Research, Germany

    Stamatis Karnourskos

  • Ericsson Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

    Srdjan Krco

  • IC Focus, London, UK

    Man-Sze Li

  • SAP Research, Sophia Antipolis, France

    Volkmar Lotz

  • Business Information Systems, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Sierre, Switzerland

    Henning Müller

  • Create-Net, Trento, Italy

    Elio Salvadori

  • European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

    Anne-Marie Sassen, Georgios Tselentis

  • ESoCE Net, Dialogic, Aalto University School of Economics (CKIR), Aalto, Finland

    Hans Schaffers

  • Institut für Informatik (IFI), Universität Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

    Burkhard Stiller

  • University of Aalto, Finland

    Petra Turkama

  • Synelixis/TEI of Chalkida, Greece

    Theodore Zahariadis

Bibliographic Information

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Softcover Book USD 59.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)
  • Compact, lightweight edition
  • Dispatched in 3 to 5 business days
  • Free shipping worldwide - see info

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