Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Viola Liebich, Maya Bode, Simon Jungblut
    Pages 1-6 Open Access
  3. Tina Dippe, Martin Krebs, Jan Harlaß, Joke F. Lübbecke
    Pages 7-23 Open Access
  4. Veloisa Mascarenhas, Therese Keck
    Pages 41-54 Open Access
  5. Laura Käse, Jana K. Geuer
    Pages 55-71 Open Access
  6. Jan David Brüwer, Hagen Buck-Wiese
    Pages 73-82 Open Access
  7. Brigitte C. Heylen, Dominik A. Nachtsheim
    Pages 83-107 Open Access
  8. Jonas C. Geburzi, Morgan L. McCarthy
    Pages 109-124 Open Access
  9. Hannah S. Earp, Natalie Prinz, Maha J. Cziesielski, Mona Andskog
    Pages 125-144 Open Access
  10. Katarzyna S. Walczyńska, Maciej K. Mańko, Agata Weydmann
    Pages 145-153 Open Access
  11. Camilla Sguotti, Xochitl Cormon
    Pages 155-166 Open Access
  12. Francisco R. Barboza, Maysa Ito, Markus Franz
    Pages 167-178 Open Access
  13. Thea Hamm, Claudia Lorenz, Sarah Piehl
    Pages 179-195 Open Access
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 197-251

About these proceedings


This open access book presents the proceedings volume of the YOUMARES 8 conference, which took place in Kiel, Germany, in September 2017, supported by the German Association for Marine Sciences (DGM). The YOUMARES conference series is entirely bottom-up organized by and for YOUng MARine RESearchers. Qualified early career scientists moderated the scientific sessions during the conference and provided literature reviews on aspects of their research field. These reviews and the presenters’ conference abstracts are compiled here. Thus, this book discusses highly topical fields of marine research and aims to act as a source of knowledge and inspiration for further reading and research.


Tropical and subtropical oceans Arctic and Subarctic oceans Ocean optics Ocean color remote sensing Phytoplankton Omics Cephalopods Marine Top Predators Marine invasive species Tropical aquatic ecosystems Polar ecosystems Ecosystems dynamics Microplastics in aquatic habitats Coastal ecosystem restoration Early-career conference Open Access

Editors and affiliations

  • Simon Jungblut
    • 1
  • Viola Liebich
    • 2
  • Maya Bode
    • 3
  1. 1.BreMarE – Bremen Marine Ecology, Marine ZoologyUniversity of BremenBremenGermany
  2. 2.Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung (DGM) e.V., Biozentrum Klein FlottbekHamburgGermany
  3. 3.Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung (DGM) e.V., Biozentrum Klein FlottbekHamburgGermany

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