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  1. Cloud Communities

    1. Liav Orgad
      Pages 251-260 Open Access
    2. Rainer Bauböck
      Pages 261-266 Open Access
    3. Primavera De Filippi
      Pages 267-277 Open Access
    4. Francesca Strumia
      Pages 279-284 Open Access
    5. Robert Post
      Pages 285-288 Open Access
    6. Peter J. Spiro
      Pages 295-298 Open Access
    7. Costica Dumbrava
      Pages 299-303 Open Access
    8. Yussef Al Tamimi
      Pages 305-309 Open Access
    9. Dimitry Kochenov
      Pages 321-326 Open Access
    10. Stefania Milan
      Pages 327-336 Open Access
    11. Ehud Shapiro
      Pages 343-351 Open Access

About this book


This open access book discusses how national citizenship is being transformed by economic, social and political change. It focuses on the emergence of global markets where citizenship is for sale and on how new reproduction technologies impact citizenship by descent.  It also discusses the return of banishment through denationalisation of terrorist suspects, and the impact of digital technologies, such as blockchain, on the future of democratic citizenship. The book provides a wide range of views on these issues from legal scholars, political scientists, and political practitioners. It is structured as a series of four conversations in which authors respond to each other. This exchange of arguments provides unique depth to current debates about the future of citizenship.  


national citizenship democracy citizenship for sale birthright citizenship citizenship deprivation denationalization of terrorist suspects EUDO CITIZENSHIP GLOBALCIT open access

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  • Rainer Bauböck
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  1. 1.European University InstituteSan Domenico di FiesoleItaly

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