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Model-Driven Development and Operation of Multi-Cloud Applications

The MODAClouds Approach

Part of the book series: SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology (BRIEFSAPPLSCIENCES)

Part of the book sub series: PoliMI SpringerBriefs (BRIEFSPOLIMI)

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Table of contents (16 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii
  2. Introduction

    • Elisabetta Di Nitto, Dana Petcu
    Pages 1-11Open Access
  3. Cloud Service Offer Selection

    • Smrati Gupta, Peter Matthews, Victor Muntés-Mulero, Jacek Dominiak
    Pages 13-22Open Access
  4. The MODAClouds Model-Driven Development

    • Nicolas Ferry, Marcos Almeida, Arnor Solberg
    Pages 23-33Open Access
  5. QoS Assessment and SLA Management

    • Danilo Ardagna, Michele Ciavotta, Giovanni Paolo Gibilisco, Riccardo Benito Desantis, Giuliano Casale, Juan F Pérez et al.
    Pages 35-46Open Access
  6. Monitoring in a Multi-cloud Environment

    • Marco Miglierina, Elisabetta Di Nitto
    Pages 47-52Open Access
  7. Load Balancing for Multi-cloud

    • Gabriel Iuhasz, Pooyan Jamshidi, Weikun Wang, Giuliano Casale
    Pages 53-58Open Access
  8. Fault-Tolerant Off-line Data Migration: The Hegira4Clouds Approach

    • Elisabetta Di Nitto, Marco Scavuzzo
    Pages 59-68Open Access
  9. Deployment of Cloud Supporting Services

    • Gabriel Iuhasz, Silviu Panica, Ciprian Crăciun, Dana Petcu
    Pages 69-80Open Access
  10. Models@Runtime for Continuous Design and Deployment

    • Nicolas Ferry, Arnor Solberg
    Pages 81-94Open Access
  11. Closing the Loop Between Ops and Dev

    • Weikun Wang, Giuliano Casale, Gabriel Iuhasz
    Pages 95-105Open Access
  12. Cloud Patterns

    • Teodor-Florin Fortiş, Nicolas Ferry
    Pages 107-112Open Access
  13. Modelio Project Management Server Constellation

    • Antonin Abhervé, Marcos Almeida
    Pages 113-122Open Access
  14. BPM in the Cloud: The BOC Case

    • Alexander Gunka, Harald Kuehn, Stepan Seycek
    Pages 123-132Open Access
  15. Healthcare Application

    • Francesco D’andria, Roi Sucasas Font
    Pages 133-139Open Access
  16. Operation Control Interfaces

    • Craig Sheridan, Darren Whigham
    Pages 141-146Open Access
  17. Conclusion and Future Research

    • Arnor Solberg, Peter Matthews
    Pages 147-149Open Access

About this book

This books is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

This book summarizes work being undertaken within the collaborative MODAClouds research project, which aims to facilitate interoperability between heterogeneous Cloud platforms and remove the constraints of deployment, portability, and reversibility for end users of Cloud services. Experts involved in the project provide a clear overview of the MODAClouds approach and explain how it operates in a variety of applications.

While the wide spectrum of available Clouds constitutes a vibrant technical environment, many early-stage issues pose specific challenges from a software engineering perspective. MODAClouds will provide methods, a decision support system, and an open source IDE and run-time environment for the high-level design, early prototyping, semiautomatic code generation, and automatic deployment of applications on multiple Clouds. It will free developers from the need to commit to a fixed Cloud technology stack during software design and offer benefits in terms of cost savings, portability of applications and data between Clouds, reversibility (moving applications and data from Cloud to non-Cloud environments), risk management, quality assurance, and flexibility in the development process. 


  • Cloud Computing
  • Multi-Cloud Applications
  • Model-Driven Development
  • QoS Assessment
  • Multi-Cloud Monitoring
  • DevOps Framework
  • Data Migration and Synchronization
  • Risk Analysis

Editors and Affiliations

  • Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy

    Elisabetta Di Nitto

  • CA Technologies, Datchet, United Kingdom

    Peter Matthews

  • Institute e-Austria, Western University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania

    Dana Petcu

  • SINTEF, Oslo, Norway

    Arnor Solberg

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Buying options

Softcover Book USD 24.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)