Effects of Nicotine on Biological Systems II

  • Paul Brian Sydenham Clarke
  • Maryka Quik
  • Franz Adlkofer
  • Klaus Thurau

Part of the Advances in Pharmacological Sciences book series (APS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Overview

  3. Structure and function of nicotinic receptors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 27-27
    2. Santosh A. Helekar, Lorna Colquhoun, Hong Dang, Danong Chen, Finn Goldner, Jim Patrick
      Pages 29-35
    3. C. Gotti, W. Hanke, M. Moretti, R. Longhi, B. Balestra, L. Briscini et al.
      Pages 37-44
    4. J. Lindstrom, R. Anand, X. Peng, V. Gerzanich
      Pages 45-52
    5. S. Bertrand, B. Buisson, I. Forster, D. Bertrand
      Pages 53-59
    6. Darwin K. Berg, Zhong-wei Zhang, William G. Conroy, Phyllis C. Pugh, Roderick A. Corriveau, Suzanne J. Romano et al.
      Pages 61-68
  4. Nicotinic receptor regulation and tolerance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 69-69
    2. Michael J. Marks, Sharon R. Grady, Scott F. Robinson, Amy E. Bullock, Allan C. Collins
      Pages 71-78
    3. P. M. Lippiello, M. Bencherif, R. J. Prince
      Pages 79-85
    4. S. Wonnacott, G. Wilkie, L. Soliakov, P. Whiteaker
      Pages 87-94
    5. M. I. Dávila-García, Y. Xiao, R. A. Houghtling, S. S. Qasba, C. M. Flores, K. J. Kellar
      Pages 95-100
    6. A. R. Caggiula, L. H. Epstein, S. M. Antelman, S. Knopf, K. A. Perkins, S. Saylor et al.
      Pages 101-107
  5. Neuronal, trophic and endocrine effects of nicotine

  6. Nicotine and smoking: Current controversies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 179-179
    2. I. Hindmarch, N. Sherwood
      Pages 189-194
    3. I. P. Stolerman, M. J. Jarvis
      Pages 195-202
    4. Tomoji Yanagita, Kiyoshi Ando, Yoshio Wakasa, Akira Shimada
      Pages 225-232
    5. Michael A. H. Russell, John A. Stapleton, Colin Feyerabend
      Pages 233-238
    6. Jed E. Rose, Frederique M. Behm
      Pages 239-246
    7. Jack E. Henningfield, Leslie M. Schuh, Stephen J. Heishman
      Pages 247-256
    8. David M. Warburton
      Pages 257-264
    9. J. A. Stitzel, S. F. Robinson, M. J. Marks, A. C. Collins
      Pages 279-284
  7. Nicotine and human diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 285-285
    2. G. A. O. Thomas, J. Rhodes
      Pages 287-291
    3. A. A. Silver, R. D. Shytle, M. K. Philipp, P. R. Sanberg
      Pages 293-299
    4. John R. Hughes, Pauline McHugh
      Pages 301-305
    5. R. Freedman, S. Leonard, L. Adler, P. Bickford, W. Byerley, H. Coon et al.
      Pages 307-312
    6. A. M. Janson, A. Møller, P. B. Hedlund, G. von Euler, K. Fuxe
      Pages 321-328
    7. Edward D. Levin, Diane Tony
      Pages 329-335

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