Correction to: J Patient Rep Outcomes 4, 106 (2020)

After publication of the original article [1], the authors notified some errors in Table 6 and in the Appendix 2:

Table 6 has errors in 2 parameters:

  • For the cell that corresponds to “Pain Intensity (PRO-CTCAE)” and “SL A”, the correct number is 1.58 rather than 1.20;

  • For the very next cell on the right that corresponds to “Pain Intensity (PRO-CTCAE)” and “SL B”, the correct number is − 0.26 rather than − 1.04.

Table 6 Item parameters of the non-PROMIS items after Stocking-Lord linking

In Appendix 2, p. 12 shows old Pain Intensity item parameters; the correct parameters are below shown:

The newer one (correct one) shows

figure a

Furthermore the authors identified an error in the author name of Amylou C. Dueck. The incorrect author name is: Amy C. Dueck; The correct author name is: Amylou C. Dueck.

In the Results section, ‘’98.8%’’ should be replaced with ‘’71.2%’’ in the sentence “Breast cancer, lymphoma/myeloma, colorectal cancer, head/neck/gastroesophageal cancer, and lung cancer made up 98.8% of the patients”.

In the Linkage results section, ‘‘50-80’’ should be replaced with ‘‘60-80”,in the sentence “For all domains except pain intensity, the expected raw score values differed by less than |0.5| point across thetas. For pain intensity, in a higher T-score range of about 50–80, the difference in NRS score was larger than |0.5|’’.

The original article [1] has been corrected.