Correction to: Reprod Health (2021) 18:18

Following publication of the original article [1], the authors identified some errors in the text. The corrected text parts are mentioned below:


The mean cost of care of a woman experiencing PPH in the study sites in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda exceeded the cost of care of a woman who did not experience PPH by between 10 and 180%.

Our results indicate an increased cost of bleeding of up to 2.8 times that for birth without bleeding.


This increase ranged from 10% in the Uganda site to 180% at one of the Nigerian sites (Page 5 of 8, column 1).

Two of the sites studied showed increases exceeding 100% in cost of care for PPH cases over no PPH with all three formulas (Page 6 of 8, column 1).


Our results quantify the increased cost of managing women with PPH of up to 2.8 times that of a birth without PPH although there was variability across settings (Page 6 of 8, column 1).

We demonstrated that in facilities across the four countries included in the study, the cost of care of a woman who experienced PPH was higher than the cost of care of a woman with no PPH, the ratio varying from 1.1 times higher (in Uganda) to 2.8 times higher (in a hospital in Nigeria), so that the ratio of costs depended on the setting (page 7 of 8).