Fig. 14
figure 1

Ratio of normalized transverse mass spectra: Be+Be/p+p (left) and Be+Be/Pb+Pb (right) at the SPS energies

Erratum to: Eur. Phys. J. C. (2020) 80:961

In this erratum, we clarify the details of the comparison of \(m_T\) spectra between p+p, Be+Be, and Pb+Pb. In the published paper, the normalization of \(m_T\) spectra was found inconsistent in Fig. 14. It was checked that not all spectra were normalized to the spectrum’s integral in the range \(0.24< m_T - m_{\pi ^-} < 0.72\) given in the paper. In this erratum, the ratios with correct normalization in the described region are shown. The normalized Be+Be spectra were then divided by the corresponding p+p and Pb+Pb spectra used as a reference. The resulting corrected ratios of the normalized spectra are presented in Fig. 1.

Correct normalization does not change the conclusions given in the paper. The shape of \(m_T\) spectra in central Be+Be collisions is significantly different from the one observed in inelastic p+p interactions (Fig. 1left). However, it is important to note that the Be+Be system is isospin symmetric whereas p+p has \(I_3 =1\). Comparing Be+Be to Pb+Pb (Fig. 1right) reveals that both shapes are similar. Note that Pb+Pb is to a large extent isospin symmetric.

A corrected version of the article is also available on the arXiv (arXiv:2008.06277).