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Investigation of Corrosion Behaviors of Al–B4C-reinforced Composite Materials in Different Antifreeze Solutions

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In this study, the corrosion behaviors of composite materials produced by adding different amounts of B4C in two different antifreeze (50 and 100% monoethylene glycol) environments are investigated. Aluminum matrix composites produced are characterized by microstructure, density, and hardness measurements. Potentiodynamic polarization technique is used in corrosion studies. While the hardness of composite materials produced is increased with increasing amount of B4C within the materials, the density of materials decreases. As a result of corrosion tests, it is observed that corrosion resistance decreases with the increasing amount of B4C. The highest corrosion resistance was obtained in the matrix material (AlGr) in 100% antifreeze solution.

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  • aluminum matrix composites
  • B4C
  • microstructure
  • corrosion