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Experimental Assessment of Latent Heat of Evaporation for Hybrid Nanofluids


Innovative use of nanoparticles in synthesis to form hybrid nanofluids is of great interest recently. This generation of nanofluids is known to improve some thermal characteristics deliberately. In the present study, evaporative behavior of hybrid nanofluids is investigated experimentally. In boiling-mode cooling systems, longer lengths of dryouts are more preferred. In this regard, enhancing the value of heat of evaporation is a target. The experiments are implemented at temperature ranging from 90 to 155◦C and in the solid volume fraction range of 0–3%. It is found that the use of hybrid nanofluids to enhance the fluid stability and in consequence the fluid latent heat of evaporation (LHE) is rational just at high working pressures (higher than 400 kPa). The most effective hybrid nanofluid in this study is 2% Ag–Au, which results in max increase of 8.7% in the latent heat of evaporation.

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