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Incorporation of proteins into polyelectrolyte microcapsules by coprecipitation and adsorption

Adapted from a report presented at the VI Russian Symposium “Proteins and Peptides” (June 11–15, 2013)


Microcapsules composed of synthetic (sodium polystyrene sulfonate and polyallylamine hydrochloride) and biodegradable polyelectrolytes (dextran sulfate and polyarginine hydrochloride) deposited on carbonate microparticles have been obtained. The ultrastructural organization of biodegradable microcapsules has been studied by transmission electron microscopy. The shell of biodegradable microcapsules is well formed even after the deposition of six polyelectrolyte layers and has an average thickness of 44 ± 3.0 nm; their inner polyelectrolyte matrix is less branched than that of synthetic microcapsules. By using spectroscopy, the efficiency of the encapsulation of FITC-labeled BSA by adsorption depending on the number of PE layers in the capsule has been estimated. It has been shown that the maximum amount of the protein is incorporated into capsules comprising six and seven polyelectrolyte layers (4 and 2 pg/capsule, respectively). It has been concluded that the adsorption of proteins into preformed polyelectrolyte capsules enables one to avoid protein losses that occur with the method in which biomineral cores obtained by coprecipitation are used for encapsulation.

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bovine serum albumin


dextran sulfate


ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid


fluorescein isothiocyanate


interpolyelectrolyte complex


polyallylamine hydrochloride


polyarginine hydrochloride




polyelectrolyte microcapsule


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