Study of the Physical Properties and Electrocaloric Effect in the BaTiO3 Nano- and Microceramics


The specific heat, thermal expansion, permittivity, and electrocaloric effect in bulk of BaTiO3 (BT) samples in the form of nano- (nBT-500 nm) and micro- (mBT-1200 nm) ceramics fabricated using spark plasma sintering and solid-state plasma techniques have been investigated. The size effect has been reflected, to a great extent, in the suppression of the specific heat and thermal expansion anomalies and in the changes in the temperatures and entropies of phase transitions and permittivity, and a decrease in the maximum intensive electrocaloric effect: \(\Delta T_{{{\text{AD}}}}^{{\max }}\) = 29 mK (E = 2.0 kV/cm) for nBT and \(\Delta T_{{{\text{AD}}}}^{{\max }}\) = 70 mK (E = 2.5 kV/cm) for mBT. The conductivity growth at temperatures above 360 K leads to the significant irreversible heating of the samples due to the Joule heat release in the applied electric field, which dominates over the electrocaloric effect.

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