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Insight into Mineralogy of a Low-Grade Manganese Ore for Separation


In this study, the use of XRF, XRD and other instruments found that the manganese content in the ore was 14.53%, and the main forms were carbonate, iron manganese oxide and manganese oxide. Because of the special magnetic susceptibility of these minerals, the magnetic separation method was chosen to improve the grade of manganese ore, and the conventional magnetic separator of –30 mm and –15 mm was proposed to separate manganese ore, and 4 kinds of concentrates were obtained according to market demand. At the same time, it was found that the grade of middling obtained after sorting was relatively low, and the selection index of \(15\sim 0\) mm was better than \(30\sim 0\) mm. Therefore, \(15\sim0\) mm is selected for the re-concentration test of middling. The result shows that the grade of concentrate obtained by re-concentration of middling is 23.26%, which is 2.33% higher than that of non-concentrated ore concentrate, and the comprehensive concentrate obtained can be subdivided 3 different products, which can be flexibly adjusted according to market requirements.

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