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The effect of thickness fluctuations on the static electrical conductivity of a semiconductor quantum wire


Expressions for the relaxation time, electron mobility, and static electrical conductivity along a semiconductor quantum wire are derived in relation to a random field of Gaussian fluctuations in the wire’s thickness. In the case of nondegenerate statistics for charge carriers at relatively low temperatures (T), electron mobility is given by u n T 1/2. In the limiting case of a strong magnetic field H directed along the wire, the factor H −1/2 appears in the mobility expression. It is shown that the considered mechanism of charge-carrier relaxation is important for the electrical conductivity of a fairly thin and pure quantum wire at low temperatures.

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Translated from Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov, Vol. 39, No. 2, 2005, pp. 247–250.

Original Russian Text Copyright © 2005 by M. Ruvinski\(\overset{\lower0.5em\hbox{$\smash{\scriptscriptstyle\smile}$}}{l} \), B. Ruvinski\(\overset{\lower0.5em\hbox{$\smash{\scriptscriptstyle\smile}$}}{l} \).

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Ruvinskii, M.A., Ruvinskii, B.M. The effect of thickness fluctuations on the static electrical conductivity of a semiconductor quantum wire. Semiconductors 39, 231–234 (2005).

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  • Magnetic Field
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Relaxation Time
  • Charge Carrier
  • Magnetic Material