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A Coordinate Detector for Studying Horizontal Fluxes of Cosmic Rays


A DECOR coordinate detector is a multilayer system of plastic streamer tube chambers located around a NEVOD Cerenkov water calorimeter. The basic characteristics of the detector are as follows: the area is ∼100 m2, the angular resolution is ∼1°, and the space resolution is ∼1 cm. The structure of the detector, data acquisition and trigger systems, and results obtained during the operation of a pilot assembly (8 chamber layers and a working area of 8.4 m2) are given.

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Barbashina, N.S., Ezubchenko, A.A., Kokoulin, R.P. et al. A Coordinate Detector for Studying Horizontal Fluxes of Cosmic Rays. Instruments and Experimental Techniques 43, 743–746 (2000).

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