Instruments and Experimental Techniques

ISSN: 0020-4412 (Print) 1608-3180 (Online)


The journal Instruments and Experimental Techniques (Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta) publishes reviews describing advanced methods for physical measurements and techniques, original papers, and abstracts of preprints that present techniques for physical measurements, principles of operation, design, methods of application, and analysis of the operation of physical instruments used in all fields of experimental physics and when conducting measurements using physical methods and instruments in astronomy, natural sciences, chemistry, biology, medicine, and ecology.

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Latest Articles

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    Physical Instruments for Ecology, Medicine, and Biology

    A study of the characteristics of inorganic scintillators for radiation monitors

    Ya. V. Luzhanchuk (September 2017)

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    Laboratory Techniques

    A gas-discharge plasma focuser

    N. L. Kazanskiy, V. A. Kolpakov (September 2017)

  3. No Access

    Electronics and Radio Engineering

    A calibration system for microwave radiometers based on a modulator–calibrator

    A. A. Krasilnikov, M. Yu. Kulikov, V. G. Ryskin (September 2017)