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A high-power and high-stability power supply design



BEPCII is a high-performance collider with a design energy of 2.1 GeV. In order to obtain more physical experiments and synchrotron radiation applications, BEPCII decided to carry out energy upgrading to 2.5 GeV. Insufficient energy of special magnet power supplies in collision zone is a key factor restricting BEPCII's operation under 2.5 GeV energy. Therefore, three high-power and high-stability power supplies are designed for BEPCII energy upgrading.


The designed power supplies output part adopts high-frequency chopper modules parallel connected and adopts digital-analog hybrid control methods. The voltage loop regulator uses high-speed analog control, and current loop regulator uses digital control which is based on FPGA.


The experimental data show that the output current stability of the developed power supplies is lower than 50 ppm. The output current resolution is lower than 70 ppm. The developed power supplies can well meet the design requirements of BEPCII energy upgrading.

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  • BEPCII energy upgrading
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