Serge Morand and Muriel Figuié (eds), 2016, Emergence de maladies infectieuses. Risques et enjeux de société (The emergence of infectious diseases. Societal risks and stakes)

Paris, Quae, 136 p
  • Laure BonnaudEmail author
  • Nicolas Fortané
Book Review

AIDS, SARS, avian influenza, swine influenza, West Nile virus, Ebola, Zika… infectious diseases, and pandemic influenza in particular are at the heart of the collective work coordinated by Serge Morand and Muriel Figuié. This book, in French, offers a precious, multidisciplinary introduction to the emergence of diseases affecting public health. Divided into five dense chapters, it sets out the main questions, concepts, and policy instruments relating to the construction of this new global public issue. Given that the majority of emerging diseases are zoonotic (animal transmitted), essentially caused by viruses or bacteria, the book opts for a “One Health” framing1: it investigates the relationship between human beings, animals, and the environment, particularly the role that animal reservoirs plays in the appearance and extension of human pathologies. It also immediately adopts an international perspective: whilst issues relating to new emerging diseases tend to be examined in the...


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