Correction to: Journal of Nephrology (2019) 32:989–1001

It occurred to us that a simple but significant calculation error was made in Table 2 in the dose of bicarbonate administered. Indeed, contrary to what reported in Table 2, the dose of sodium bicarbonate administered during study was:

Mean (SD) SB administered dose (mmol/kg bw/day)

 Baseline1 year2 year3 year
SC0.14 (0.12)0.12 (0.03)0.11 (0.03)
SB0.56 (0.05)0.55 (0.05)0.54 (0.06)

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The updated Table 2 has been copied below:

Table 2 Mean (SD) dose of sodium bicarbonate administered and mean (SD) and range (min–max) of serum bicarbonate (mmol/l) during the study according to study arm allocation