Erratum to: Diabetes Ther DOI 10.1007/s13300-017-0277-0

In the original publication, corresponding author e-mail address and Fig. 2 were published incorrectly. The correct e-mail address and the revised Fig. 2 are given here.

Fig. 2
figure 2

Proposed algorithm for adjusting antidiabetic agents (a) and diuretic/antihypertensive therapy (b) when initiating SGLT2 inhibitors in patients with type 2 diabetes. DPP4i DPP4 inhibitors, GI gastrointestinal, GLP1ra GLP-1 receptor agonists, SU sulfonylureas, SMBG self-monitoring of blood glucose, BP blood pressure. *Avoid insulin withdrawal to minimize the risk of euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis. **Hemodynamically unstable defined as atrial fibrillation, orthostatic hypotension or blood pressure lability, prior syncope, etc. ***Clinical situation defined by congestive heart failure, edema, renal function

The corresponding author’s e-mail address should read as

The incorrect statement in Fig. 2 “BP <140/80 mmHg, aged older than 65 years or hemodynamically unstable*?” should read as “BP <140/80 mmHg, aged older than 65 years or hemodynamically unstable**?”

The incorrect statement in Fig. 2 “Reintroduce treatment according to clinical situation**?” should read as “Reintroduce treatment according to clinical situation***?”